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2010 June News

July 22, 2010

Nella Jenkins, ND, MH, CR

July 22, 2010

Lil Bit of Sunshine News

 PO BOX 14571 ~ Ft. Worth, TX 76117 ~ Office # 817-489-2466 ~ or  or www.jenkinssisters.comIndependent Distributor of Nature’s Sunshine Products

Hello summer!


This Texas heat of 103* can kill you.  Make sure your Immune System is working properly to insulate you against heat stroke.  If you do get out in it, protect yourself with Silver Shield Gel or NSP’s skin care products.  The daily moisturizer is great. 

If you get sunburned, nothing takes the heat and pain out faster, then Silver Shield Gel.  It’s like a miracle in a tube.  I carry it every where.  It’s also the best acne fighter I’ve ever found.   A funny story: My sister Tonya’s youngest boy had acid indigestion.  His dad told him to take 4 Catnip and it would stop burning.  He found the herbs and took 4 “Capsicum which is red hot peppers.  In a little while, his stomach was still burning, so he took 4 more! In the 30... [More]

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